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Global Investment Management 2001 -
Macau where East meets West

Macau became Chinaís second Special Administrative Region on the 20th December 1999. In accordance with Macauís Basic Law its capitalist system will remain in place for at least 50 years. Under the principal of One Country Two Systemsí the Basic Law also guarantees that Macau SAR will have a high degree of autonomy, and executive, legislative and independent judicial power as well as that of final adjudication.

Macau SAR is situated on the west bank of the Pearl River Delta and forms a triangle with Hong Kong and Guangzhou which is the fastest growing economic area in the region.

An independent tariff region, a member of the World Trade Organisation and an associate member of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and Pacific, Macau has also signed trade and co-operation agreements with the European Union and Portuguese speaking countries. Therefore establishing itself as a strong member of the International business community.

As a separate customs territory and adopting free port policies Macau SAR will continue to develop economic and trade relationships with complete autonomy. Macau SAR has an autonomous industrial property rights legal system, which complies with the provisions of the TRIPS Agreement, ensuring that effective and adequate procedures are taken to enforce these rights. While providing effective protection for Marks, Patents, Utility Models, Industrial Designs, etc.

Widely respected Chief Executive Edmund Ho Hau Wah has concentrated on the economy and attracting new investors. This was done by opening up the mobile phone and Internet market, establishing an offshore centre and clamping down on pirated products.

Macau has long been recognised as a place where East meets West and as a gateway to the China mainland for overseas businesses. This perception is unlikely to change in the future but no doubt will be enhanced and improved.

Luis Reigadas