Luís Reigadas – Lawyer
Luís graduated from Lisbon’s Lusíada University in 1987 for which he served as a legal advisor until 1989, during the same period he underwent his training as a lawyer. Having moved to Macau, he began his practice as both a lawyer and a private notary in his own general practice law firm which was founded in 1991. He later established RPmacau in 1996 of which he is the heart and soul, personally tending to all of the firm’s affairs. Having participated in numerous IP conferences, workshops, and seminars and contributed with articles to IP publications, Luís brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of intellectual property.
Frederico Rangel - Lawyer
Frederico joined our office right after he graduated from the University of Lisbon in the year 2009. He was admitted as a trainee lawyer by the Macau Lawyers Association in 2010 and completed his training in 2013. Since then, he has become a full-fledged lawyer with ample practice in the IP field.
Alice Leong - Lawyer
After graduating from the University of Macau in 2008, Alice gained experience in different legal positions by working for both private and public entities in Macau. In 2012, she decided to further develop her career by joining our office and becoming a trainee lawyer. She completed her training in 2014 and Alice has been an invaluable contribution to IP litigation before the Macau Courts.
Irene Lam – Office Manager
With a bachelor degree in Business Administration, Irene has been working at RPmacau since 2002. Over the course of these years she has had experience working in all different areas of activity at our firm, proficiently executing any IP-related task.
Helena Serro – Senior IP Litigation Analyst
Helena has been in the RPmacau team since 2006. With a background in Germanic languages and literature she works in the field of litigation, an area in which she has both extensive experience and a profound understanding.