• According to MONIC’s regulations, the applicants who apply for domain names with the suffixes or .mo must be either a Legal Entity, a Commercial Entrepreneur or a Self-Employed Person registered within the Macao SAR.
  • The applicants who apply for a domain name based on a registered trademark / patent must be the trademark/patent holder within the Macao SAR.
  • Should the applicant of the domain name not be a Macau company, or not have a local presence, we may own the domain name on behalf of the client.



The required documents for domain name application (based on trademark registration) are as follows:

  • A copy of the mark registration certificate.
  • The submission of the original or certified true copy of the consent letter signed by the representative of the company, and a copy of the identification card from the representative of the company (the person signing the consent letter).
  • The technical contact (such as contact person of the company, the company’s name and its address as well as the email address) is also required.


Domain name in Chinese Characters

  • It is possible to register a .MO domain name in Chinese characters.  A respective mark registration in Chinese characters is required.
  • The .MO registry in Chinese characters (presumably .澳門 and .澳门) is not available in Macau.


Validity and Renewal

  • According to article 4 of the new regulations (general phase), the registration is valid for three years and renewable in equal periods of time (every 3 years).
  • Nevertheless, the official fees must be paid yearly, and we will monitor and pay the official fees for the next two years in order to keep the domain name in force.


Additional Information

  • The name server should be located in Macau and provide a continuous service.
  • The domain name administrative contact must be a full member of the organization applying for the domain name.
  • Individuals may not apply for domain name registration.
  • If the domain name is applied on the basis of a company registered in Macao SAR, the domain name chosen must be related to the name of the business registration. Eg: an ABC company can chose or or
  • If the domain name is applied on the basis of a mark registration in Macao SAR it must be consistent with the name shown on the trademark.
  • To apply for the change of registration of a registered domain name or other registered particulars, the applicant should submit the documents as applying for a new domain name.
  • Multiple domain names are allowed but each entity can apply and hold not more than 10.


 If the above information does not fully address questions you may have please do not hesitate to contact us.